happy chocolate day 2019 | happy chocolate day wishes | valentines week
happy chocolate day 2019
happy chocolate day 2019

First of All Happy chocolate day 2019 (
25 December  2019

Chocolate Day Valentine is the third day of the week. 

Which is celebrate every year on 9th February with great passion and happiness, especially with youth, couples and friends throughout the world also.

Another Chocolate Day is the favorite day of all. Because everybody likes to get chocolates and gifts for their love ones, friends, valentines etc.

Mostly it is celebrate by the youth of the country by giving chocolate to each other also.

happy chocolate day 2019

Happy Chocolate day 2019 date-

Chocolate Day 2019 will be celebrate by youth, couples and friends all over the world on February 9th.

Happy Chocolate day celebration-

Chocolate Day celebration comes in everybody’s life every year with a taste of everyone. 

another that is why everyone celebrates it with utmost peace and heart . 

It is a celebration of Western culture, which brings a revolution of real love through chocolates among a large number of people also all over the world. 

Another On this special day everyone involved in buying a chocolate from a local dessert shop or from a bakery for your favorite love. 

therefore The Chocolate Day festival gives a logical reason to eat all the delicious chocolates and give it in gift.

Benefit of Chocolate for health-

first of all
The health of eating chocolate for two or three times in 1 week also has its own benefit also. 

That’s why chocolate involved in contributing and contributing to health benefits on this particular day. 

Because Chocolate is an oxidative powerhouse. Which helps in neutralizing the free radicals coming out of the metabolism. 

Because of this, it involved in avoiding permanent illness of old age and age. 

even more Increasing the sweetness of the relationship brings them together to celebrate it together. 

finally At the same time for all the occasion, for the Prison and both, waxing chocolate on any occasion eliminates all worries, miseries and misconceptions. 

while Chocolate is give by the couple to show deep love and affection towards Valentines. 

To increase the level of friendship or offer love, for the reason that your female friend is give chocolates by the you. 

To care for love and flow towards each other, this chocolate can be give to almost anyone by anyone.

If the heart is fragile like our chocolate,

You get dry fruits in it.

Life will be fruit and nut like,

If  i get girlfriend like you.

happy Chocolate Day status 2019-

I dream only of you,
I breath just for you,
My each prayer is for you,
I would like nobody else in my life however you.

Happy chocolate day 2019

Chocolate might finish from a chocolate box
In a day, week, month or yr,
However real love never finishes from hear,
For a candy valentine.
Happy chocolate day

Anybody can catch one’s eye
However it takes a special somebody,
To seize your coronary heart and soul and for me that special somebody is you.
Happy chocolate day

You at all times take care of me.
yes You at all times support me.
You at all times love me.
I thank god who gave me such a very loving partner.
You’re the love of my life.
Happy chocolate day

Love is sort of a chewing gum,
It tastes solely within the beggining,
However friendship is sort of a chocolate
It tastes until it ends.
happy chocolate day

My candy velantine you’re a chocolate so you’re sweetest,
You’re a star so your are brightest.
You’re a pretty lady so you’re my dearest.
hapychocolate day

In the present day is the chocolate day
Dairymilk for love
Kitket for particular
Bounty for cool
Mars for greatest good friend.
Sonat for cute hug
Galaxy for candy kiss
What is going to you give me ?

Happy chocolate day

Happy Chocolate day 2019 to all


happy chocolate day 2019
happy chocolate day 2019
happy chocolate day 2019
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