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First of All Happy Dhanteras (
5 November 2018

About Dhanteras in English-

here is the happy Dhanteras 2018 full information.
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Happy Dhanteras 2018 details-

Let us know about Dhanteras. people celebrate Dhanteras before the Diwali, they bought many types of new things.

And keep them decorated in my house. Who enhance the beauty of the house. By the way, Dhanteras made by two words.

Dhantaras’ is derive from the word ‘Dhan’, which means money and ‘teraa’ which is the practice of the thirteenth day of Ashwin month’s interval.

Hindu believe that buying gold or silver utensils on this day of Dhanteras shows the grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

The purchase of new things is dedicate to Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi.

they believe that fate in the lives of people brings huge wealth and prosperity. People buy silver and gold coins this day and keep it in their house.

The festival of Dhanteras is famous in our country. And on this day the houses, offices and shops are decorate in the mood of festivals, with flowers, lighting, and Renaissance.

On this day people congratulate and give gifts. Which is very important. On Dhanteras, people snake and decorate their homes.

with the rice flour at the entrance of the house, Goddess makes small steps of Lakshmi. and make the route from the main entrance inside the house.

the print of this foot is reveal that Goddess Lakshmi is coming inside our homes.

And where is the door. they make beautiful colorful Rangoli with different colours.

Some people fast on this day whereas some people worship only in the evening.

Happy Dhanteras 2018 Ceremony-

On the day of Dhanteras in India, buy a bike,car or other carts.

Befor dhanteras all the company start to give offers. Therefore, most people buy carts for themselves on this day. 

Dhanteras will have a complete market decoration.

There is light in the market. If a market has arrived, then something goes without buying anything,

On Dhanteras people buy gold jewelery, and wear them. 

on the day of Dhanteras in India, every single family buys something for home.

Diwali is followed by Dhanteras.People celebrates on Diwali.

on the diwali people worship laxsmi maa.Diwali is the big festival of india. 

on this year Dhanteras will celebrate on monday, 5 november 2018. 

Then after will celebrate Happy Diwali on Wednesday, 7 November 2018. 

On the Diwali every people will burn crackers. 

I think you know that all the indians lots  of money spend in crackers, 

only for enjoy. by the way the Diwali of india is remarkable.

Happy Dhanteras 2018 to all

Happy Dhanteras short Status 2018

“Sun shines for one day, candle for one hour, matchstick for one minute, but one desire always shines. So here is my desire for a flashing gem and flashing life !!”
“Clean your house, decorate with bright and sweet lamp and light, and buy new clothes and utensils to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in your house.” Happy Dhanteras!
“Despite all obstacles like the permanent attraction of gold and diamond, Goddess Lakshmi can bless her business well.” Happy Dhanteras! “
“For good luck on the auspicious day of Dhanteras Puja, follow the tradition of buying ornaments coins or utensils, precious metals, gold, platinum or silver in the form of Happy Dhanteras.”

-More Dhanteras status-

“On this festival of Dhanteras, the divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi can provide you generous fate. Here you are sending my best wishes.”
“Extend our lives even more – souls with sparklers – the growing soul of roasted powder – we should thank the heavenly power in this celebration of light.”
“Be happy with happiness and goodwill with enough money to give whatever you can to your life.” Happy Happy, Happy Dhanteras! “

“Sun shines for one day, candle for one hour, matchstick for one minute, but one desire always shines. So here is my desire for a flashing gem and flashing life !!


happy dhanteras
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