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21 March

About Happy Holi 2019 in English-

Happy Holi 2019-

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Holi celebrated in almost every part of India.

 The festival of Holi considered to be the most respected tribute in India.

 Holi festival celebrated for 1 day and 1 night. Holi festival start in the month of Falgun in the evening from the full moon.

 It celebrated on the first evening of the festival by the name of Holika Dahan, and the next day celebrated by the name of Holi.

 Holi’s second name is the festival of love also. Because on this day people unite by forgetting all the troubles and all kinds of bad feelings towards each other.

 while Holi known by different names in different places of the country.

 Holi plays with colors from morning to evening on the day of Holi. people  give respect their relatives and friends.

 During the Holi people celebrate this festival by meet their relatives and friends at home.

 The brightness of colors brings great positivity in our lives. therefore Holi is a day full of happiness.

 Holi is the famous Hindu festival. festival of holi celebrate in India with great enthusiasm. 

Special Worship Of Holi-

A  special Puja performed In India during Holi.

 The purpose of this worship is to keep the health of the children and other members of the whole family good,

 and stay away from all evils.

 On the day of Holi and on this occasion, Mathri, Laddoo and Gujia eat too much.

 Hemp or cannabis is also eaten by people. On the day of Holi, Ganga with the Rango baths in the river.

 And prepare the cake with cannabis. It is very addictive. It enjoys lot`s of.

 On the festival of Holi, they leave different types of colors in the air also.

 Its view is quite beautiful. On Holi, people give color and water to the bucket and give it to people.

 All people give colors on one another and celebrate this festival.

Holi Auspicious Time

In India, there is an auspicious time to celebrate Holi.

 There is a lot of custom for Holika combustion in India.

 It is believed that if Holika combustion is not celebrated on auspicious time, then there is a bad effect on the whole country.

 In India, it is forbidden to celebrate Holika  combustion before sunset.

 Celebrating Holika  combustion before sunset is equal to the loss of the entire family, and it is very harmful.

 People celebrate Holi and Holika  combustion after sunset. And celebrate with great pomp.

 Holika  combustion celebrated on a full moon day after sunset. 

Holika  combustion and holi celebrated on each date in each state.

 After Holika combustion is celebrate Holi.

Happy Holi 2019 to all

Consumption of the cannabis-

Many celebrated people enjoy Holi by consuming cannabis, which is made from cannabis paste.

Because This is a also traditional treatment that aims to help people relax during the festival.

while Holi celebrations start near midnight at night with bonfire. Prior to the bonfire,

 Because it is traditionally done to burn the work of men and boys in the bonfire as a symbol of the end of the winter to collect falling wood and leaves.

Some of this tradition is changing with the trees of the forest today, unfortunately being harvested to burn.

Another Holi colors are very special and add to the brightness of the day. In the past, the colors used on people’s skin were natural,

 but many of them are now man-made and there are some dangerous chemicals above all that leave some people with swelling of the skin.

 Finally during the festival of Holi, people throw or drink fragrant, colorful powder on each other.


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