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First of All Happy Lohri (
13 January

About Lohri in English-

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Happy Lohri 2019 details-

Lohri is celebrate every year on the 13th of January. The Lohri Festival have to celebrate in north India with great comets.

 Lohri is a festival of worship of Lord Deva. Earlier Lohri was very important for newly married and newborns.

 Because it reflects fertility.During Lohri, the earth rises towards the sun.

Shows the auspicious period of the quenching.On the day of the Lohri people gather around the fire at night.

There are many customs in the festival of Lohri. And these traditions show the harvesting of Ravi’s crops.

 To show the end of winter, people of northern India celebrate Lohri. Especially in these Punjab and Haryana celebrate Lohri.

 People visit their relatives and friends at the time of the winters. And sing folklore. The festival of Lohri is very important for the Punjabis.

 These Punjabis celebrate Lohri with pomp and singing popular songs at night.


Happy Lohri 2019 to all

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Happy lohri status 2019-

Happy Lohri Short Status 2019-

  • Fill your life with Lohri and forever, with joy and pleasant surprise, by wishing for the abundant blessings of God.
    Lohri be happy!
  • This Lohri and your all desires will come true forever.
    Happy Lohri 2019!
  • Hope this Lohri will bring you peace, happiness and prosperity.
    Happy Lohri 2019!
  • I want the bonfire heat to fill your house and heart with this feeling of joy of Lohri!

Lohri 2019 Short Wishes,Messages-

  • Hope you are blessed with this Lohri and the good wishes of luck, luck and happiness forever.
    happy Lohri
  • Lohri gives you a generous harvest and a happy celebration.
    Lohri is a pleasure!
  • You are getting all the happiness in this festive season.
    Happy Lohri 2019!
  • Winter out rings …
    Old and sad …
    Summer rings and
    Love of the weather …
    Hope and enthusiasm …
    Happy Lohri 2019 inside you!
  • Send me warm thoughts and lovely greetings for a generous Lohri.
    Lohri be happy!
  • Hope your house is filled with abundant blessings in this festival season.
    Happy Lohri 2019!
  • The desire for this crop season brings happiness and prosperity to you and your family.
    Happy Lohri 2019!
  • Hope that divine grace brings happiness to your heart and meets all your desires on this auspicious occasion.
    Happy Lohri 2019!

  • The desire for Lohri’s Bonfire brings happiness to your life in abundance.
    Lohri be happy!

Happy Lohri status-

  • I wish that the fusion of this festival of happiness will fill your heart with the load of joy and happiness.
    Happy Lohri 2019!
  • Hot wishes for Lohri that bring new hopes and aspirations to your life.
    Lohri is a pleasure!
  • Hope Lohri fire burns all moments of grief and brings you moments of happiness and warmth.
    Happy Lohri 2019 !
  • This lohri festival can fill your life
    With lots of energy and enthusiasm
    And it can bring happiness and prosperity
    For you and your loved ones
    Happy Lohri 2019!

Best Happy Lohri Short Status 2019-

  • This may be an opportunity for happiness
    Fill your home and heart with happiness
    Happy Lohri 2019!

  • Hope all your dreams will complete this festive season.
    Happy Lohri 2019 !
  • Hope you enjoy many moments
    Be happy and funny
    As you sing and dance
    Around Bonfire
    Happy Lohri 2019 to you!


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