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happy propose day 2019
happy propose day 2019

First of All Happy Propose day 2019 (
8 February 2019

Propose Day is Valentine second day of the week. 

It’s a great day for new girlfriends and new boyfriends. 

On this day, girlfriends and boyfriends start a new life by proposing each other. For this, do all the new planning. 

This day becomes a memorable day. People who remember even after one age. 

Everyone make more plans for  make Propose Day historical and beautiful.

Importance of rose in happy Propose day

A day of Propose Day considered a symbol of the start of a love relationship. 

To give a start to a relationship, a lovely arrangement is made for every day. 

For which Girl and Boy are always very nervous, excited and happy.

happy propose day 2019

Importance of ring in happy Propose day

Offer a ring and offer each other for a marriage. 

Many days allow the sweet feelings of love to be tied together in weddings. 

This bond of marriage is considere to be more than the burden of all bonds. Similarly, celebration of love goes on the whole week. 

Those two hearts feel together And keep happy with each other. They also take care of each other’s with happiness. 

The strings of the heart are added but the shame of the eyes gives that feeling and padding. 

Always thinks that he is always with him, but when you are together, he does not want to meet with eyes. 

What is the feeling that it runs like lightning? 

The person who loves is afraid to say it. Propose brings more fear than an exam result. 

Even if the result of the exam is caught then it is neutral to bear the love of your love. 

The heart breezed, yet there is a unique smile on the face. 

But the feeling of love is different from all realms and full of happiness. 

Who knows what to give True love is always to be happy in the happiness of others. 

Propose is full of excitement for the Young People. Propose Day is the beginning of their love for them. 

To make it memorable, he tries heartily. All got full marks in Propose Day exam,


all the very best

Happy propose Day 2019 status -

As days go by my emotions get stronger,
Look into my eyes and also you’ll see that it’s true,
Day and night time my thought r for YOU.
Happy Propose Day my LOVE

If I reached for your hand, will u maintain it?
in case I’m going to your lips, will u kiss me?
If I capture your coronary heart, will u love me?
Happy Propose Day

I Promise to carry your hand
it doesn’t matter what happens..
Until death do us apart.
Will you marry me….?

I can win the world
With my hand,
If you happen to promise me
To carry my different hand,
For a lifetime!!
Happy Propose Day my Love

Your eyes,Your Smile,Your contact,Your kiss,Your Guarantees,Your phrases,
Our eternal bliss
Develop outdated together with me,
One will you live forever with me, of the best is yet to be, Happy Propose Day my Love.

Love is passionate,
love is blind,
there is no such thing as a better promise I could make,
that I would be the greatest you’ll find.
Happy Propose Day!


Best happy Propose day 2019 status

Each time we’re collective, people suppose we make a wonderful couple and I’m beginning to think they’re completely right.
Happy Propose Day!
Falling in love makes one blind. That’s why I need somebody to be my eyes. Will you be? I love you..

Good things all the time come in pairs. Lets be a pair to be the very best factor on this planet? Happy Propose Day!

I think about you all the time
Will you be mine eternally?
I need to say I like you
I won’t live my life without you.
It will be lengthy and dreary.
Happy Propose Day darling…

With each beat of my coronary heart…
I’ll love you forever
After years of togetherness…
That’s my Solemn Vow for you,
My love! Happy Promise day….

Love is like a cloud
Luv is like a dream
Love is a fairy-tale come true.
Coz I found love when I found you.
Happy Propose Day.

happy propose day 2019

The sweetness technique to sugges Happy Propose day 2019-

“Excuse me, do you could have a band aid,
because I scraped my knee
once I fell in love with you.”
Will you be mine…
happy propose Day Sweetheart!!!

Talking with out egos,
loving with out intentions,
caring with out expectations,
I promise you that you can be mine all the time.
Happy Propose Day!

Days are brighter, and the world is extra lovely when you’re with me. Will you be with me for a lifetime?
Happy Propose Day!

I love you a lot, and need you forever. Will you be mine forever?

Happy Propose Day

Days are brighter, and world is extra beautiful when you’re with me. Will you be with me for a lifetime. Will you marry me?

I need you to be with me until the sun and moon are within the sky, until the water is blue, and stars shine bright. Will you be with me forever?

The voyage of life is just not simple and makes me crazy. I need you to be with me, love me and help me. I promise, I’ll never let you down. Will you be mine forever?

My thoughts tells me the number of years we spent together, however my coronary heart says our relationship is still fresh and younger. Will you reside with me throughout my life?

The say that Love is one thing that’s common, and is a feeling that’s not bound by spatial boundaries, be it language or geography. Happy Propose Day!

world best Happy propose Day 2019 status

Happy Propose day 2019 to all

happy propose day 2019
happy propose day 2019


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