happy teddy day 2019 | happy teddy day images | teddy day quotes 2019
happy teddy day 2019
happy teddy day 2019

First of All Happy Teddy Day 2019 (sunday,10th february 2019 )

About Happy Teddy Day 2019

Teddy is consider a symbol of love. It’s used to persuade the churches, bring them closer, to express love. 

The Teddy is include in the choice of people of every age group. It is also include in the form of a gift in the birthday, anniversary, party etc.

Here is also common to have a large number of teddy homes in the houses.

There are many houses in Gwalior, where there are more than a hundred teddy collections. 

It includes every type of teddy. One thing is that why Teddy has been so popular since and since. 

Where did it start from? After all, why teddy is prefer among people.

This Teddy is very fond of people and his innocence is such that we are going to tell you about its independence. 

After all, why was it called teddy bear? What is the story behind teddy bear.

happy teddy day 2019

What is the story behind Teddy Bear day-

America “teddy bear” on the name of President.

To know the tale of Teddy Veer, we have to go to 1902, when Teddy Roosevelt was President of America. 

In the year 1902, American President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt reach there to hunt a bear at the invitation of the governor of the state of Mississippi. 

Seeing the bear, it is not advisable to fire the bear. 

Perhaps they had lost the innocence of the bear’s face and they could not convince themselves to fire on that great animal.

Later on this story, a cartoon was printed in the important newspaper there. 

It’s say that seeing this corton, Maurice Miktom make teddy. Since then it has been popular in many countries by the name of teddy bear.

best happy teddy day 2019 status

happy teddy day 2019

Teddy Bear is the symbol of happiness-

There is a tremendous collection of small and big teddy in Shivni, situate in Balwant Nagar. 

Each year their hand buds gift them to Teddy Bear on Teddy Day. 

while many years after the marriage, they do not forget about this special occasion. 

Even on the children’s chants, they arrive home with Teddy. Because Teddy likes them too much Also. 

It can be said that the happiness of his home is from Teddy.

happy teddy day 2019

Teddy Day for customer and celebration-

Teddy Day is a holiday, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate this fun holiday. 

However there are other ways to spend vacations. For example, if you do not spend too much time with your teddy bear, 

then you can spend your time cleaning it, and consider donating them to your favorite charity. 

therefore dedicated donations dedicated to toys for children with a need. If you can not take part with Teddy, then sitting at home can make a teddy. 

And then she can donate a needy child whose favorite teddy bear is.

It’s a perfect way to spend on the teddy bear day Another fun way to spend on Teddy Bear Day is to learn all about the bear’s life and residence. 

You can read scientific articles. Even go to your local zoo and see how many live bears actually live. 

If he does not cheer you, you can always spend some time watching one of Teddy Bear feature bear’s films.

Happy Teddy day 2019 to all


happy teddy day 2019
happy teddy day 2019
happy teddy day 2019
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