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14 February 2019

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Happy Valentine day 2019-

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Let’s know what is the Valentine Day, and the history of Valentine Day.

 We all know that Valentine’s Day is celebrate on February 14th. Therefore we celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

 Many people almost around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, whom they like or worship also.

 Another Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner in a hotel, and at night they eat different types of food.

 In Valentine’s Day, we give gifts to our loved ones, give chocolates and flowers.

 So Especially on this day people give flowers to roses.


Well, there is no clear date for Valentine’s Day,

but  people believe that it is a Roman priest born from the Sant Valentine’s story.

Because those martyred around 270  on February 14th.

How he became the guardian of the lover became a mystery But one theory is that the church used the martyr’s day of St. Valentine.

 In the middle of February, there was an idol worship festival organized to Christianize the old Roman Lupercalia.

 In ancient times, there was such a task in which there was a box, and the girl’s name was kept in that box.

 The boys’ names were pulled by it. similarly After this the couple will be added till next year.

 Christian churches have replaced the names of saints for the names of girls in hopes,

 although it was once also again nominated after the girls ending in the box until the 16th century.

 In the mid-19th century,
there was an increase in interest in Valentine’s Day in the United States and then in Canada.

 And in the 1880s, with Valentine’s cards and early rites of images of flowers, ribbons or birds shown in England.

Valentine day special for couple

Most Noteworthy Valentine’s day is a most beautiful day which is celebrate in most countries.

 Another Different cultures have developed their traditions for this festival .

 In some countries of the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrate as a day to express love between family members and friends rather than romantic couples.

  While in some countries this tradition involves redness and gift for children and others.

 And among the friends, the work of appreciation includes Valentine’s day’s most loved day,

 which is consider the most valentine card and letter exchanges in this day.

Consequently In this day, send flowers or a red rose to the loved ones in the form of a romantic message.

Because In this day, romantic couple spend very pleasant romance with each other.

 Typically Valentine’s Day includes flowers, chocolate and sampion Also.

Valentine day 2019-

 Finally Many couples go on a picnic or a restaurant or some good place to spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day and enjoy this day.

 On this auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day in many restaurants,

 the couple are present in very unsurpassed manner.

 There is too much love in it. With that very bright lighting, they make the Mehfil even more romantic .

 A very beautiful love song is play in the background of this moment Also.

 So that it becomes beautiful even.

Happy Valentine day 2019 to all

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