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25 December 2018

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Merry Christmas is an epitome of Christianity which it celebrates with great fanfare and it has been running since centuries ago.

 In Christmas, people of Christianity spend time with family members in this festival. Take part in their services, go to churches and wear new clothes and eat new food.

 And some families exchange gifts or give small gifts or sweets to children, and they decorate their home very well. Small electric lamps or small kerosene display the lamp burning, and decorate it with mango leaves or banana leaves.

Many people have planted a congenital view with a Christmas tree. Christmas trees in India are usually fake pine trees or branches of native trees or shrubs.

Christians in Christmas remember the birthday of Jesus Christ. And in their memory we celebrate this festival. And on the 25th of December in the Gregorian calendar.

The true birthday of Jesus Christ is unbelievable. People believe that the Seth Thomas-inspired started Christianity in the area which is now around 25 CE.

 In today’s time, nearly 24 million Christian people live in India. On Christmas Day, national and state government offices and post office are closed all over the country, people celebrate this day with great fanfare.

In today’s date, every person celebrates Christmas. 

Who is Santa Claus

Shanta’s photo is everywhere on Christmas season.

 But all of us really understand the history and origin of one of the greatest traditions.

 When the children essentially ask, who is the saint.

 What do you say, with any question from our children, we can use it as a teaching opportunity,

 let us know how the origins of Santa Claus, how it developed with history.

 See the history of some traditions behind its name.

 Name Santa Claus is English form of  Dutch name for St. Nicholas.

 However, the modern Santa Claus is connected to the world of fantasy.

 Historical Sir Nicolas was a godly person, who is known for his goodness, charity and generosity.

 According to the best estimates, Nicholas was born in Asia Minor in Patra around 280.

 It seems that Santa Claus died on 6 December or around 340. 

Nicholas was born in Patara in the third century to wealthy Christian parents.

 It said that Nicholas’s parents are among the devotees. Who have long prayed for the child.

 When Nicholas was born the last, his parents dedicated Nicholas to God.

 As the only child, he has been cherished with great affection and special attention.

 However, when Nicholas was still a young boy, his plague was underway in his city.

 Because of which his parents died. Although some of these losses get away from God,

 it seems that Nicholas has come closer to him.

 It seems that the loss of his parents has made Nicholas’s heart tender for the pain of others.


Decorations on Merry Christmas-

The closest sign of Christmas is that Christmas decorations usually take place from December.

So far, the most obvious of these Christmas trees is after Christmas flowers, birth scenes, stars, lighting, tinsel, bubbles and novelty children’s toys.

Many decorations have history in Christianity and it related to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem two thousand years ago.

For example, traditional wreaths use a series of green branches in Australia using Eucalyptus branches, often in junior origins as well as in Australia.

The evergreen of branches in a circle represents the eternity. In churches, there are four or five candles in the wreath, which  burnt individually at intervals during the arrival.

Many families gave floral wreaths at the front door of their houses.

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merry christmas
merry christmas
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