mothers day quotes sayings 2019 | happy mothers day wishes | History

mothers day quotes sayings

mothers day quotes sayings
happy mothers day quotes sayings

First of All Happy Mother Day 2019 (
12 May

About Happy Mother Day 2019 bellow in English

Mother’s Day 2019 has become a tradition. It was considered as part of a tradition. 

On Mother’s day, children send cards or gifts to their mothers. 

To meet them, a special one who makes it and congratulates them. 

People cheer their mother on this day. Their mother goes to good hotels for dinner at night. 

And eat tasty food of different types. Some children ask their mother to make a lot of delicious food at home, 

and they do party at home. There are also children who do not allow their mother to cook food and they make themselves. 

People do not do any work from their mother on this day, and they give lots of pleasure to them. On Mother’s Day, 

Mother's day-

children give lots of gifts to their parents. Such as chocolate, flowers, clothes, ornaments etc. 

Mother’s Day is very important for children, and also for their mother.

Mother’s Day celebrated in every country. 

And there is a holiday that day. On the day of Mother’s Day, many other family members also respect too much. 

He also gives gifts to them, and gives lots of pleasure.

best mothers day quotes sayings 2019

mothers day quotes sayings
best mothers day quotes sayings

History of Mother Day-

Mother’s Day 2019 is the history. Celebrate Mother Day from 2019. 

In the 19th Century, peace groups of women in the United States often tried to establish holidays and regular activities against peace and war. 

America’s soldier fought or died in civil war. Their mother had a group meeting. 

In 1868, N. Jarvis created a committee to establish “Mother Friendship Day” to unify the divided families during the Civil War. 

There were many committees in the 1870s and 1880s. 

Many people tried to get Mother Due accredited. But no one got its recognition. 

At that time in New York City, Julia Ward Howe had led a war-resistance war (Mother’s Day for Peace) on June 2, 

1872, and in the United States, Protestant schools had already organized several functions. 

After that time the mother’s name was known with that time holidays. 

Many years later on May 13, 1877, Mother’s Day was celebrated in Albania, Michigan. 

Which was on dispute related to natural movement. Who celebrates Juliet Calhoun Blakley, who revolts Rev. 

Mother Day-

Meeran takes steps to fulfill Betty’s teachings. 

Seeing all these works, their children were very motivated. 

Because of that every year, they pay tribute to their mother. 

And others to respect their mother. 

In the beginning of the 1880s, the Methodist Episcopal Church in Albion 

began to celebrate the second Sunday in recognition of the mother’s contribution or to show the people in May. 

Then one day suddenly on 9 May 1950 his mother N. 

Jervis died. After the death of his mother Anna Jarvis had established Mother’s Day with the help of John Vanamaker. 

Mother’s Day was widely celebrated in New York on May 10, 1960.

Happy mothers day quotes sayings

Importance of Mother day-

Mother day celebrates on may every year. 

This day is second Sunday of may. It is a day which celebrate motherhood. 

And all appreciate mother (including grandmother, grandmother, 

stepmother, and spouse mothers) as well as their contribution to society.


This day is very special for mother and their children. 

Every children do wish their mom. children give gift their mom.

mothers day quotes sayings

Happy Mother Day 2019 All Of You


mothers day quotes sayings​
best mothers day quotes sayings
mothers day quotes sayings
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